Emergency Stop

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Good drivers always look out for signs or clues of potentially dangerous situations and act accordingly. However, in very rare cases, an emergency stop maybe required to avoid a dangerous situation that could not have been anticipated.

What would you do in an emergency?

You should apply the footbrake quickly and firmly and use both hands to hold the steering wheel. Most of the vehicles weight will be on the front tires, so you will need to firm grip on the steering wheel to maintain your intended direction and avoid skidding.

Note 1:

If you were driving a vehicle with manual transmission, apply the footbrake before the clutch pedal in order to maintain stability and control. Remember that it is okay to apply the brakes without checking your mirrors in an emergency stop situation.

When skidding happens?

Applying the brakes family may sometimes lock up the wheels and cause the vehicle to skid. If your vehicle is equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), push the pedal firmly and steadily and use the steering wheel to steer the vehicle as required.

Note 2:

Do not let the ABS encourage you to drive recklessly and remember that in some cases the vehicle may continue to skid even when the ABS system is activated.

Note 3:

If your vehicle has no ABS and start skidding, release the brake pedal to allow the wheels to turn and regain control, then quickly push it once again. Never used the steering wheel until you have full control of the vehicle.

Full Video Link also here https://dai.ly/x7vvsac

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